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Why Bridal Flat Sandals Are The Modern Bride’s New Best Friend?

 Bridal Flat Sandals
Sep 21, 2020

Why Bridal Flat Sandals Are The Modern Bride’s New Best Friend?

Carrie Bradshaw can confirm that shoes are a girl’s best friend. All women love a great pair of shoes and finding a perfect pair of wedding shoes cannot be taken lightly at all! The modern bride is all about breaking myths and one of the myths that need breaking urgently is the misconception that flats or low heels are less formal for a wedding than high heels. To break this myth even further, the bold and beautiful contemporary brides have adopted sneakers as their new best friend for their weddings. In case, you are still in two minds and are unsure of this new change, then get ready to swap out those sky scrapper stilettos for those cool kicks that are made for breezing down the aisle in style!

Wedding flats and low heels are just as dressy as high heels, and the modern bride knows it well! Wedding flats have everything from glamour and glitz to the clean and classy look. There is no missing the high heels here when there are stylishly gorgeous flat sandals are up for grabs! There’s no reason to feel like a plain jane at all, especially when a stunningly romantic lacework detailed flats are your choice for your big day! The intricate lacework of your shoes can work as a perfect complement for your dress and together can be the perfect match made in heaven! Bianco Evento’s BIBI is a stellar pair that can be a perfect match for your lacey glorious wedding dress. BIBI’s low 2.5 cm heel and a pretty ankle strap give off the right feminine vibe to channel your inner diva on your big day!

It’s no surprise that flats have become the new bestie of modern brides and have comfortably made its place in the bridal trousseau! Decorated with lacework or bedazzled with glitter, flats are the most versatile options for any place—indoor or outdoor weddings and best for the dance floor! The modern bridechilla knows best to chill and enjoy on her big day and missing out on the dance is a big NO! Dancing away the night on the dance floor is a must ‘yes’ and what better to do it with than some adorably pretty flats that won’t take a toll on your feet nor make your feet scream at you after a few hours of twirling! SISSY in Bianco Evento’s collection of stunning bridal flat sandals are the perfect pair to let your feet do the talking, for you to do the partying! SISSY’s sleek cuts and beautiful satin finish makes her one of the top favourites of the brides to show off their refined style and prudent choice of channelling cool comfort over uncomfortable style!

Cool, confident and comfortable, bridal flat sandals add just the right touch of uniqueness and swagger to a bride’s ensemble! Walking the usual path is not the modern bride’s scene because doing the unusual with a quirky flair is her forte. The cool, smart and prudent modern bride needs the glam and glitter, but not at the expense of her comfort. Bianco Event’s sleek and polished ROMY with its smart glitter trim and subtle posh finish is crafted to suit the modern bride and to let her shoes announce her arrival!