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Find your favourite shoes

Heels or flats?

With over 25 different styles, Avalia has a shoe for you!

Avalia - Made in the EU

We've combined the latest in machine technology with modern bridal shoe designs that ensure a comfortable and effortless look.

Avalia - Made in the EU

The essence of Avalia Shoes

Our creations are a mix of comfort, simplicity and representation of the latest trends. We believe in the harmony between fabrics, design and embellishments to give our brides their dream outfit, without compromising on comfort.



    • Made in the EU

      High quality creations made in the European Union.

    • The Original

      We produce items with a classic but unique style.

    • Timeless designs

      Designed with passion, made ​​with care.

    • Elegance & comfort

      Not just beautiful shoes - comfort comes first!