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Bridal Buyer Interview: Bianco Evento

2020 Daniela

Can you tell us about the brands background?

Bianco Evento was started by our CEO Bartosz Wodecki in 2009, selling bridal jewellery and accessories to the German market. Since then, we’ve been growing the collection and brand throughout Europe and around the rest of the world every year. 

In 2016 we launched our first Bridal Dress collection which has since grown to become the core of our collection. In 2017 we launched our own shoe brand, Avalia shoes, which focusses on comfort for all brides. The designs are simple but modern and include soft padded linings, as we know a bride is on her feet all day.

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Stay warm on your wedding day with the perfect wedding dress and Bolero

Winter Wedding

Winter Weddings have a unique and magical atmosphere with over a thousand ideas for themed decorations to make any location warm, welcome and inspiring for all guests.  

Winter weddings often occur during the ‘low season’ and venues can become much more affordable during these months. This leaves room for creativity and a complete choice of wedding outfits for both the bride and the groom.  

So where do you start? How do you choose the perfect outfit for one of the happiest days of your life? 

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