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Getting Married in 2021? Here are the Top 7 Bridal Footwear Choices That You Can Include In Your Collection

Bridal sandal Shoes
Sep 3, 2020

Getting Married in 2021? Here are the Top 7 Bridal Footwear Choices That You Can Include In Your Collection

Decisions, decisions, more decisions and then some more! Wedding planning is all about them. In case you have already found your dream wedding dress, it is time to get the perfect pair of shoes to go with it. Whether you are preparing for a simple courthouse wedding, a garden party, a fantastic farm wedding or a grand destination wedding, you need to keep the most stunning options ready with you

Yes, there is an overwhelming abundance of options when it comes to bridal shoes, but remember, the driving factors of your choices should be season, your personal style, comfort, venue and budget. Keeping these factors in mind can help you be selective and decisive. For example, winter brides can go for lace boots, closed-toe heels and bridal sneakers, whereas, Spring brides can wear anything from lacy bridal sandal shoes to satin flats. What’s is important is that you ensure maximum comfort in the shoes that you will be wearing on your big day. From standing for hours at a stretch to gracefully gliding down the aisle, from socializing by meandering through guests to dancing your heart out on the beats - your feet will do a lot on your wedding day. Keeping them snug and pain-free should be a top priority. And if you have to go with white bridal pumps to get that comfort, don’t feel bad. They are classics for a reason!

So, let’s get started!

White pump:

A white pump, as stated, is a classic - practically timeless! But that’s just because they are chic, elegant, statement pieces that are also versatile and oh so comfortable. And if you want texture on the satin numbers, how about going with a layer of lace details as in Lara or Demi? Wear them with gowns, short dresses, jumpsuits - they just look and feel amazing!? What more can you ask for in bridal footwear? Take a look at Mandy, Diva, Ebba or Grace which one of these you would like to have in your shoe closet? .

Block heeled sandals:

If you are getting married in spring or Summer, and if your wedding is to be held at a picturesque outdoor location, you need block heeled sandals in your collection. They are comfortable enough to be worn for long hours and do not make you lose balance even when you are trying to take graceful strolls along sand, soil or grass. Glimpse through designs like Vera, Carrie or Astra for inspiration.

Blingy details:

It is your wedding day. Of course, you are decked in pretty accessories! But make sure you have just the right amount of bling on. Too much of anything isn’t designed to wow. On that note, how about incorporating a little bit of shine in your ensemble with glitter trimmed sandals? They are classy with fluid lines and comfortable heel height. What sets numbers like Mary, Luna, Romy or Amber apart from other bridal sandal shoes is the touch of glint and dazzle. Seems like a sprinkle of magic for your fairytale wedding, right?

Bridal sneakers:

Yes, bridal sneakers are incredibly comfortable. And they are super stylish. So, if you want to slide on to the dance floor and break out into some super impressive moves, think no further. Just grab a pair of super stylish sneakers like Zoey, Robin or Emily and dance the night away.


No, vintage doesn’t necessarily mean ditching the modern gown or even styling your hair like they used to in the 1920s. It’s more of an inspiration than a strict design rule that you ‘must’ follow. And when it comes to footwear, let’s face it, the charm of those kitten-heeled T-straps are hard to ignore. What do you think about Sally, Star, Wilma or Rosie? Won’t they look gorgeous with your bridal gown?

Rustic beauties:

Are you a fan of boho-chic weddings and want a wedding for yourself filled with rustic, earthy details? Or maybe you are getting married at a barn or farm and are worried your high heels won’t quite make the perfect footwear for the venue. Don’t worry, you will find the charm, style and comfort that you are looking for in Bahia and Nadia. While the rustic touch make them suitable for a bohemian bride’s ensemble, the ivory shade and lace detailing keep the designs sweet and romantic.

Slingback flats:

If you thought flats are not for wedding, you couldn’t be any more mistaken. They are practical and comfortable options and with the variety in chic designs available today, more and more brides are opting to switch their skyscrapers with flats, if not for the actual vow exchange ceremony, then at least for the reception. That way, there is no risk of you ending up with sore feet after a long day in heels or having to stop dancing midway because you have twisted your ankle. If you are getting married at the beach or a garden, wearing flats would actually ensure your shoe doesn’t get stuck in mud or sand. When it comes to slingback flats, you can’t ignore a design as chic and cute as Bibi or Sissi.

Remember that it would be unwise to bank on just a single pair of shoes for your big day. Yes, the pair is perfect but what if, at the very last moment, you realize that you won’t be able to wear it for whatever reason. That’s why it is important to keep a few pairs as spare that can not only save the day at the nick of time but you can also wear them for other events associated with the ceremony, like a fun bridal shower, a quick rehearsal dinner or maybe a crazy reception party. In bridal sandal shoes, options are endless! From mules to flats and sneakers to skyscrapers - take a good look and decide on numbers that you would love to have in your collection. They don’t need to be perfect like the main pair but they should be close enough from stylistic and comfort points of view in order to serve as stand-ins. So, what are you waiting for? Happy bridal shoe shopping to all you lovelies, then!