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Top 4 Reasons Why Flat Bridal Shoes Are Anything But Ordinary

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May 11, 2020

Top 4 Reasons Why Flat Bridal Shoes Are Anything But Ordinary

Your wedding is one of the most important and precious days of your life. The way you look and feel will decide how much you are enjoying that day and how closely you will cherish the day down a few years. Understandably, you want to look your very best on the big day but unfortunately, in an attempt to look stunning, many brides end up sacrificing comfort.

As per experts, too many brides than is believable, forget to consider comfort when they are choosing their style for the day. Whether it is about dresses or is it about shoes - people usually go for what looks gorgeous rather than what feels comfortable. However, sacrificing comfort on a day that may very well stretch beyond fifteen hours might not be a great idea. And when it comes to wedding shoes, brides don’t even need to choose comfort over style as there are plenty of beautiful flat bridal shoes available these days.

There is a common misconception attached with flat bridal shoes. Many think that these are for ordinary days whereas high heels are what brides ‘should’ wear on their wedding day. This concept cannot be further away from the truth. Firstly, a bride should not be peer-pressured into wearing something on her wedding day over something she actually likes. This is the day she celebrates her love with her significant other and she should get to wear whatever she likes.

Secondly, anyone who thinks that bridal flats are ordinary, clearly isn’t familiar with the sheer variety of elegant, fashionable and attractive flat shoes available in boutiques today. From embellished lace ballerinas to closed-toe satin flats, from printed flip flops to stone studded sandals, from sparkly kitten heels to embroidered sneakers, from shiny roman sandals to bejeweled boots - options are aplenty. Whether a bride wants to have a quaint garden wedding in Spring or a snow-capped Winter wedding or a windy Summer wedding at the beach - she will find exactly what she is looking for and then some, as far as flat bridal shoes are concerned.

Thirdly, flat bridal shoes are not just for brides. Everyone from the bride's mother, bridesmaids to flower girl, flat shoes can be ideal for all. And how cute would it look if they are all wearing matching or similar shoes on the big day?

The fourth factor to consider is that flat bridal shoes can be both gorgeous and comfortable. They are easy on the feet and that is important given that there is a lot of walking, dancing, socializing and standing for long hours involved on the wedding day. Moreover, if a bride generally goes around in flats but is choosing heels for her big day - she would need considerable practice. Unlike heels, flats don’t need careful posture while walking and a lot of balancing talent. They are easy, secure and pleasant.