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Flat Bridal Shoes: Shift in Style To The Latest Trends of Casual Comfort

Flat Bridal Shoes
Jan 20, 2021

Flat Bridal Shoes: Shift in Style To The Latest Trends of Casual Comfort

Over this past year, life may have altered drastically but we have seen love win over and over again, no matter the circumstances. With love staying steady in our lives, we have learnt to temper our weddings in keeping with the times. Our weddings have become more intimate and we have learnt to channel the casual to keep comfortable, safe and still stylish! With this our shopping trends and changed, and casual comfort has become the style statement for the bride and groom. Just like the bridal dress, we are now looking for stylish, flat and comfortable shoes and Avalia Shoes has a fantastic collection that will keep you hooked!

Lacey Sneakers

Flats are here to rule the wedding scene, but are you worried it will cramp your style? Give up on your woes and get ready to channel some elegant style with Avalia’s fabulous shoe collection! Pomp and show may have lost to comfort and convenience, but you can still win over your guests with brilliance and fun when you pair your stylishly trendy short bridal dress with a fantastic pair of lacey sneakers! Avalia’s Zoey is a particular favourite of ours that is a sure shot winner when it comes to winning hearts and wowing the crowd. Sporting gorgeous lace and satin, this pair is perfect for the vivacious bride who never gives up on fun, frolic and love!

Strappy Sandals

With more unconventional places becoming our choice of wedding venues (from the backyard to the front porch and the living room) ornamental, high-heeled divas have become a thing of the past. These mini-nuptials and micro-weddings are making brides wanting to channel their feminine elegance through flats that are now topped with pretty graceful straps! Strappy flats are the latest wonders that perfecting your casual comfort style. Avalia’s Bibi with her ankle straps will floor anyone with ease! A boho lace front paired with satin straps, Bibi will be the perfect best friend for a lively bride who wants to flaunt her sophisticated and graceful feminine elegance!

Classic Pumps

Old is gold, and nothing proves it best than classic pumps! An old favourite of every woman, this timeless shoe will never go out of fashion no matter the year or the era. Court shoes or pumps will always be here to stay and complement your sophisticated grace in style. Avalia’s flat-heeled, satin two-part pump shoes Sissi is a fabulous pair to choose that will effortlessly enhance the look of any dress—the cocktail dress for the evening or the spectacular gown for the ceremony!

Sparkly Toes

For brides who are high-heel lovers, if flats make you feel it lacks the edge of high heels then add a little shine to your toes and let your twinkling toes do all the talking! Glitter and shimmer are the latest most-wanted accessories that are here to amp up your bridal look by several notches! Avalia’s Robin or Romy will make you fall in love all over again! Their glitter trims and vamps are the perfect accessories to charm the onlookers and channel a stylishly spectacular bridal look!