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Satin Bridal Shoes: A Classic Favourite Of Every Kind Of Brides

Satin Bridal Shoes
Oct 21, 2020

Satin Bridal Shoes: A Classic Favourite Of Every Kind Of Brides

You may be a modern bride, but the classic wedding look is something that will forever be desired for. A look that never gets old, it plays perfectly into the theme of romance, love, femininity and grace. Most importantly, the look is only achieved when the gorgeous elements of lace, tulle, chiffon and satin come to play together. And if a classic wedding has been the mainstay of your dreams, then do not stop at saving these gorgeous fabrics only for your dress, when you can easily wear them on your toes, too!

It is just not in passing that satin bridal shoes are often called as classic favourites of every kind of brides. A stunningly gorgeous and versatile fabric, satin on shoes make for incredible accessories that are perfect to complement any stellar bridal dress. Whether you’re a fan of high heels or a bridechilla who prefers the flats, if you are looking for satin shoes then end your search with Bianco Evento.

Do It Like A Diva

When your inner diva wants to come out and play to flaunt her style on the big day, then Bianco Evento’s satin-lined DIVA is your best friend to pick! A rocker in style and super in comfort, DIVA’s got the skyscraper heels, and the classic court shoe looks in satin to complement your wedding dress and help you achieve the timeless classic wedding look! There is also the glitter trim that adds just the right amount of oomph to your look.

Stun In Those Satin Sneakers

Who says classic cannot go with the modern? Breaking all such myths is Bianco Evento’s EMILY sneakers! You may be the modern bride who wants to give the traditional look a toss, but when the subtle classic style may be just up your favourite alley then Bianco Evento’s satin sneakers EMILY is just what you need! Topped with a pretty, big tulle bow, this EMILY is perfect to show off your fun and classy side.

Lock The Block

Don’t just lock the block, when you can floor the entire block with those jaw-dropping heels! Bianco Evento’s satin-lined MARY will not only let you strut in style and confidence but will also grab the attention of everyone present to check out your style. Nothing short of making a statement, Mary with her sky-high block heels and glitter trims packs style and comfort in oodles.

Flaunt Those Low Heels

When heels aren’t your favourite things, then break some fashion rules and achieve the classy, timeless wedding look with satin-lined low heels and flats! Whether you are looking for pretty satin flats with rope embellishments to correct your beach wedding look or satin-lined kitten heels to channel the retro look—Bianco Evento has a wonderful range to find you perfect pair from. Aura’s T-bar strap will help you keep things subtly trendy, while Nadia will bring out your sprightly side with a classic touch.