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Bridal Shoe Trends That Every Bride Would Love to See and Try

Satin Bridal Shoes
May 28, 2020

Bridal Shoe Trends That Every Bride Would Love to See and Try

‘Shoes transform your body language and attitude. They lift you physically and emotionally.’ – Christian Louboutin

As the wise man says, shoes, ladies, are very important - especially if they are for your wedding. You can’t afford to go wrong with the style. Come on, there will be photographs - lots of them - that you would likely want to cherish for years to come. Nor can you compromise on the comfort factor or you would end up with very sore feet by the end of the day. It is vital to choose right. So, let us take this moment to highlight some of the very best of bridal heel trends of this year. Get ready, shoe lovers!

Daring Colours:

Who said weddings were only about white, alabaster and ivory shades! Move on, ladies, and embrace the colours that have made this year’s runways oh-so-vibrant. From the lightest of blushes to brightest of reds, this year bridal high heels have got a much needed makeover. Let’s not forget the floral prints that are so very refreshing. The brides who have already indulged in this trend cannot help but shower compliments for it. According to them, not just rehearsal dinner or vow-exchange ceremony, these shoes are perfect for wearing to special occasions for years to come. They are cute, chic and contemporary.

Embroidered Lace:

Speaking of contemporary - there is a material that never ever goes out of style as far as bridal fashion is concerned - and that is lace. Yes, the designs of the embroidery do change with each era, but the material itself is contemporary forever. This year, the heavy floral embroidery from yesteryears have made a solid comeback. Bridal designers have taken due note and have rolled out gowns with embroidered lace in moderately heavy floral designs and cascading leaves. Of course, the shoes are no exception. In fact, these footwears are so elegant that you can’t help but be reminded of the splendour of the elite weddings of the bygone era. Another type of lace that has entranced brides this year, especially for boleros and heels, is the boho-chic. This one’s not as heavy as the floral ones but is incredibly detailed and exquisite.

Smooth Satin:

When it comes to wedding fashion, satin is as eternal as lace. There is something about the smoothness of this material that has the power to make gorgeous ensembles look even more stunning but also take seemingly simpler dresses and elevate them to designer or even vintage status. Whether it is a modest pump for the rehearsal dinner, a sky-high number for walking down the aisle or a classic kitten heel for taking the dance floor by storm, you can never really go wrong with satin bridal shoes.

Cute Bows:

Do you remember the ultimate ponytail accessory from childhood? Yes, the bow! Well, it’s back and in a major throwback to the carefree days, it has made its way to the bridal shoe fashion, But of course, they have been upgraded This year, beaded and embellished bows are appearing on the pointed edge in the front and back of satin bridal shoes, both pumps and sandals. Designers opine that beaded, embroidered and lace bows help to add a bit of texture to the overall ensemble of minimalist brides, almost working as an intricate accessory.

Playful Tulle:

Another fabric that has earned its place in this year’s bridal runways is tulle. Preferred by designers and brides alike, tulle has dominated wedding fashion in recent years due to its lightweight nature, but that isn’t all there is to its beauty. Tulle is almost whimsical and playful as a material. Thus, tulle bows, frills and ruffly trims on bridal shoes help to add a flirty and cute undertone to an otherwise romantic and somewhat formal event.

Pearly Glow:

The exquisite and rare nature of pearl, much to do with how it is obtained from shells of oysters from the seabed, makes it a symbol of opulence and beauty. Designers have thus used it throughout their gowns to give their creations a much more elite status. They have also sewn pearls on mesh, satin and silk shoes to incorporate that beautiful glow into the bridal look. Talk about soft, subtle beauty! Brides lucky enough to have already tried on this beautiful footwear are still mesmerized by their elegant charm. One of them says, “If you want to feel like a princess on your wedding day, these pearly numbers are the way to go.”

Polka Dots:

Designers say that you can’t really have a bad day if you are wearing the most fun pattern of them all - the polka dots. They are cute, flirty and fun. Polka dotted shoes are available in satin, mesh and silk and are best paired with cute tea-length or skater dresses. If you are ready to channel your inner Audrey Hepburn, look no further for you have found the perfect shoes to go with that pretty and adorable dress.

Sparkly Crystals:

The allure of embellished fashion items is just unavoidable. To drive that point home, this year’s runways were taken over by crystal-studded heels. Most of these beauties are simple in the front, but the real crystal-dotted party is in the back, adding lots of bling to the bridal look. Besides crystal, toe to heel sequins, glittery trims, metallic embellishments and silver beadings have also jazzed up the bridal footwear scene quite a bit.

The best way to describe this years’ bridal shoe trends is that it is quite comprehensive. There is something for every bride in them. Whether you like classic design aficionado, a lover of the modern glam style or a casual, minimalist bride - you cannot overcome the charm of these stunning numbers. From the elegant, subtle beauty of timeless pieces to the exuberance of bold, eye-catching colours, we have to admit - not a single moment was dull at this year’s bridal shoe runways. So, get going about your wedding shoe shopping already! We are sure, you have quite a few favourites that you would like to try on yourself. Happy shopping, divas!