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Top 6 Pump Bridal Shoes That are Timeless and Chic

Pump Bridal Shoes
Jun 10, 2020

Top 6 Pump Bridal Shoes That are Timeless and Chic

Wedding is one of the biggest days of your life. Not only will all the eyes be on you on that day but you will walk down the aisle, exchange vows with your loved one, go around greeting guests and take to the dance floor, all the while looking gorgeous. However, none of those activities will be particularly fun, if you are not very comfortable in your bridal footwear. If your feet start paining halfway through the ceremony and you decide to hit the dancefloor barefoot - there is a serious problem. Thus it goes without saying that you need to pick the right shoes for your big day.

Wedding footwear is an integral part of the wedding ensemble - just as important as the bridal gown, accessories, hair and makeup. In order to strike a perfect balance between comfort and style in their shoes, most brides prefer to go with pump bridal shoes. Pumps’ enclosed design provides secure grip on the feet, their block or kitten heels add just the right bit of height to the silhouette and the soft foam padding guarantees all day comfort on a day when it is most needed.

When it comes to pump bridal shoes, there are so many options available in terms of heel height, cut, fit, colour and more. To help you decide easily, here are our top picks:

The unavoidable charm of a classic design:

Demi is a quintessential wedding pump - one that you think your mother or even grandmother would have worn on their special day. And yet it is still so very trendy today. It is exactly that timeless nature of this design that works for this pair. The added touch of lace elevates the charm of this apparently common yet oh-so-classic footwear. Lace is so representative of wedding couture and has the power of taking something seemingly simple and making it look classy.

For the elegant glide:

You know sometimes you come across a mid-length or a tea-length dress that is absolutely gorgeous but you can’t quite find the footwear to go with it? Well, Grace is the type of footwear that pairs well with just about any wedding outfit - may it be a short dress, a pantsuit or a full-length wedding gown. This kitten-heeled pump bridal shoe is simple and refined with no edging. It is all about comfort and elegance.

Glitter makes it better:

Avalia’s Ebba is a slightly more glamorous version of Grace, if you will. It is kitten-heeled as well and its ivory hue and satin finish makes it charming as it is. However, it is the glitter trim that makes it instantly eye-catching. Whether you are the quirky maid of honour, a demure bridesmaid or the gorgeous bride herself, this is a low heel number that you can beautifully pair with your outfit and be comfortable in on the special and exceptionally long day.

For the confident strut:

Well, you cannot go wrong with that name, can you? When you are confident enough to rock, skyscraper heels, you should look no further than Diva. This high-heeled number from Avalia is carefully crafted from satin and features strong yet fluid lines with a glitter-trim. This one is a design that you want to pair with tea-length or short dresses for the sole reason that it is bound to turn heads wherever you go.

The block-heeled twist:

Block-heel is something you must choose if you are aiming for day-long comfort on what is going to be one of the longest days of your life. Yes, comfort is of utmost importance and the designers at Avalia know it. That is Astra - an elegant and chic pump - comes with a modern and geometrically shaped wide heel. Comfortable, practical and stylish, these heels will ensure you glide from the aisle to the dancefloor with complete ease.

Add a bit of sass:

There are wedding pumps, then there are pump bridal shoes that you know you will wear well after the wedding day because they are absolutely stunning. Avalia falls in the second category. Designers at Avalia are proud of these high heel vintage-inspired glittery beauties and we know you’d be too. Comfortable, stylish and definitely sassy - everything that a shoe needs in just the right amount!

One great thing about pump shoes is that they can be paired with all types of outfits. For example, if you are wearing a tea-length dress to your wedding rehearsal, you can go for a pump shoe with a kitten heel. For the main vow exchange ceremony, you can wear a stunning skyscraper with a beautiful gown, and for the reception thereafter, slip into the ever-so-comfy bridal jumpsuit and a pair of block-heeled pump shoes. Versatile, right? So, have you decided on your pump bridal shoes, yet?