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Lace Bridal Shoes: Footwear That’s Classy, Elegant and Timeless!

Lace Bridal Shoes
Jul 15, 2020

Lace Bridal Shoes: Footwear That’s Classy, Elegant and Timeless!

So, you have found your dream wedding dress! Great! With that sorted, now it is time to look for the best shoes to go with it. And what better way is there to pass your time while you are sitting at home in quarantine than to look for beautiful bridal shoes that will up the charm factor of your wedding day ensemble significantly. Distancing is the need of the hour but that does not necessarily mean that shopping is cancelled altogether. In fact, it can be a great way to spend time now to get some retail therapy and indulge in bridal shopping. This way when happier times roll in, you will be ready to have a gala time with a gorgeous dress and the most stunning pair of lace bridal shoes.

Speaking of shoes, have you started shortlisting the ones you like yet? We think, when it comes to bridal fashion, lace as a material or fabric, has a timeless charm. Get any dress or shoe and put lace trims on it and it is instantly transformed into a classy, chic number. No matter how simple the design of your heels, flats, booties, and sandals are, lace can make them wedding couture worthy in a jiffy. We have listed some of our favourite lace bridal shoes here to help you with making your choice.


You will rarely see a bride not flaunting a pair of beautiful pump shoes at least at one of her wedding events. It might be for the aisle, the after party or the dance floor; she might be wearing the shoes with a skater dress, a ball gown or a pantsuit - and the shoes will be looking gorgeous at every moment. There is something so quintessentially bridal and classic about pump shoes as there is with lace. These two are made for each other. Just look at Suri, Lara or Demi.

Ankle-strap sandals:

Ankle-strap shoes look pretty to begin with. They are sturdy, offering good grip and therefore are comfortable for wearing for long hours of the wedding day. What’s even more interesting is that shoes like Alba, Maya and Kati are great for dancing the night away in. Paired with lace, these lace bridal shoes can complete your slightly vintage yet modern rockstar bridal look.

Wedge sandals:

Wedges are not just a more comfortable alternative for those brides who would like to add a bit of height to the ensemble but without having to endure the pain of wearing high heels for long hours, but they are also strikingly beautiful as far as their design is concerned. With lace highlights, pieces like Bahia or Bibi can truly accentuate the cute and romantic aspects of your bridal look - especially if it is a summer wedding that you are having.

There is no denying that lace bridal shoes are mesmerizing as they add hints of timelessness, elegance and romanticism to the overall look. The best part is they are so very versatile since they can be paired with short dresses, ball gowns and bridal jumpsuits alike. If you are looking for wedding footwear that is classy, comfortable and forever stylish - you should go for lace numbers.