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Quick Tips to Help You Find Your Dream Lace Bridal Shoes And Wear Them Comfortably

Lace Bridal Shoes
Jun 23, 2020

Quick Tips to Help You Find Your Dream Lace Bridal Shoes And Wear Them Comfortably

So, you are shopping for your bridal shoes? Well, first - congratulations for the upcoming event! Now that you are out looking for spectacular designs in footwear, you might find that finding the ‘dream’ shoes might be a little more time -consuming than you previously thought. It is true that your bridal footwear is one aspect of your wedding where you can really incorporate your unique style sense. However, before you make any purchase decision, do pause for a moment and think how the shoes will go with your bridal ensemble. Remember, your shoes might make a statement but it should be in accordance with the rest of your look. You might like a beautiful high heel, but is it right for an outdoor wedding? Would a pair of sneakers look good with a ball gown? And what about lace bridal shoes? Do they really look good with just about anything?

To get those questions answered and to know how you can find the perfect bridal shoes, read on:

It is a good idea to incorporate little elements from your wedding dress into your footwear. For example, if you are wearing a beautiful lace gown with floral motifs, you can wear lace bridal shoes with floral embroidery to make the look beautifully seamless. If your dress has pearl highlights, why not go for satin sandals with pearl embellishments?

Choose statement shoes if you are wearing a dress with a shorter hemline. Nothing gives you as amazing a chance to show-off your shoes as do tea-length or skater dresses. Make that chance count. You can go for gorgeous yet conventional numbers with highlights like bows, pearls, crystals and sequins. But if you want, you can even go for print or coloured shoes.

That’s right, you do not have to go with white or ivory. You can try colours if you like. While bold colours like red and blue are quite fashionable these days, you can choose champagne, nude and pink colours if you like softer hues. Gold and other metallic tones also look equally pretty on flats, kitten heels and stilettos.

Do not go for thinner heels if you have planned an outdoor wedding. No matter how stunning those lace bridal shoes or georgette sandals are, the stiletto will sink in the grass or sand and you will end up with a wobble in your step. You don’t want to get your wedding shoes dirty or worse, take a tumble in front of all your guests on your big day.

You know you need to break your shoes in, but do you know warming the shoes a bit can actually help you with the process? Whether you use a hair dryer or hold the shoes close to a radiator, the warmth they absorb will increase their ductility, enabling them to easily meet the contour of your feet.

Always prioritize comfort. You might like a pair of shoes immensely, but don’t purchase it, at least not for your wedding day, if it isn’t very comfortable. Your wedding day can easily be one of those days when you are almost constantly on your feet for long hours. Do whatever is needed to ensure you are comfortable in them. From buying one size bigger than your actual size to using deodorant to prevent chafing, from practicing walking in them for weeks to trying the tennis ball trick, you can try them all. Also, keep a pair of spare shoes nearby and consider slipping into them at any point you start to feel pain or burning sensation in your feet.

The fact that you need to prioritize your comfort more than anything else cannot be emphasized enough. When you glide down the aisle, when you have your first dance, when you are going around greeting your friends, all these should be moments to enjoy and fondly remember. If you are not comfortable, it will show on your face, and eventually on the photos, no matter how hard you try to smile. After all, it’s not just about photographing pretty lace bridal shoes but it’s about capturing the glow on the pretty bride’s face, right?