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  • These High-Heeled Bridal Shoes Are Perfect To Add Some Drama To Your Wedding!

These High-Heeled Bridal Shoes Are Perfect To Add Some Drama To Your Wedding!

High-Heeled Bridal Shoes
Oct 6, 2020

These High-Heeled Bridal Shoes Are Perfect To Add Some Drama To Your Wedding!

Weddings without drama are like unicorns – they do not exist! And when we say drama, we do not necessarily mean the kind with meltdowns, rants, tears and nail-biting. Why not give the real drama a miss and light up your wedding with some fashion and style drama that will leave people slack-jawed and with a twinkle in your eyes! If this is just up your wedding plans, then remember to not stop at just the wedding dress and accessories. The shoes are just as important as the dress to get you the look, and can, in fact, add a whole lot of drama by themselves to the entire ensemble! Bianco Evento’s has a range of gorgeous high-heeled beauties that are just what you need for a touch of drama.


When you are the bride, then stealing the show is certainly your right! To help you with this feat, Bianco Evento has a stunning skyscraper wonder called Kim! A stunner no doubt, Kim’s style reflects the rendezvous between classy and edgy. Effortlessly simple and elegant with satin finesse, she adds glamour to the basic with her crisscrossing glitter trims and her 12.5 cm heels! She is a sure recipe for turning heads and flooring the crowd.


Mary Janes may be the best friend for the school-going plain Janes, but Amber is her older sister who has style in aces and poise like no one else. Fuss-free, posh, polished and supremely elegant, Bianco Evento’s Amber is a real showstopper in every way. The 12 cm stiletto heels playing peekaboo from below your skirt hem will surely grab eyeballs, but the glitter-topped platform front base and the front trim is what will make everyone marvel. Amber’s nonchalant gorgeousness makes her a real stunner!


Want to go all out and channel the classy wedding look topped with lace and satin and everything prettily feminine? Then Bianco Evento’s SURI might just become your new best friend with her panache for style and the touch of drama that she carries with herself. Don’t be fooled by her classic court shoes silhouette because her lacey details will make you stop and wonder. The platform base in front complements her 9.5 cm high heels incredibly well but, the fine lace details make her a brilliant showstopper that can beat any accessory in complementing your statement wedding dress!


If you’re the smart and sassy modern bride who likes to keep it elegant with a touch of edgy and smart style, then Bianco Evento’s LEXI is perfect for your big day! Hot on the trends, she has a pointy closed-toe front that is balanced with pretty, overlapping satin straps to bring in the smart, stylish look. Add to this satin gorgeousness is her 9.5 cm stiletto heels that make for a killer look full of style drama!


When bold is an accessory that you regularly wear as your style, then Bianco Evento’s Astra will make you want to choose her for your big day! Astra is like no other in her bold and unconventional style. When chic meets bold, then Astra has just the look. Her chic pump shoe looks are balanced by an unconventional broad-based block geometric heel that is just enough to make a stellar statement. She is perfect to pair with your bold wedding dress, long or short, and is just enough to reflect your personality and style!