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Rock Those High Heel Bridal Shoes with These Easy Tips

High heel bridal shoes
May 29, 2020

Rock Those High Heel Bridal Shoes with These Easy Tips

Who says it is difficult to be on your feet from your 'I do's to the last crazy dance of the night, when you are heels? Even if you have traded your signature flats for some stunning high heel bridal shoes, you don't need to be worried about having both the style and comfort factors for your big day. We have got some quick tips for you that will make you go head over heels about your bridal footwear rather than kick them off in frustration and pain. So, listen closely, ladies.

Don’t buy misfits:

Ill-fitting shoes are the most primary cause of pain. The best way to ensure that you are not buying shoes that are too big or small, try to go shoe-shopping at the end of the day when your feet are likely to be at their biggest size naturally. Besides trying your normal size, try sizes both up and down until you find the size that is optimal for you. Go for a walk around the boutique in the high heel bridal shoes that you have chosen. If possible, walk both on the hardwood floor and carpeted surface. If you feel pain on your toes or feel your ankles slipping out, you might need to start over again.

Finding the right pitch is important:

No matter how beautiful the style looks, not going for gravity defying shoes for your wedding day would be a wise choice. Heel height of six inches is suitable for the ladies who are over at least 5’6” and are used to wearing shoes that are size nine or bigger. Since it is more natural for them to cover a fair amount of distance in their stride, they can handle the pitch each step makes. On the other hand, three to four inches of heels are safer and more comfortable options for shorter divas, at least for their wedding day.

Understanding how the heel works:

Liking beautiful high heel bridal shoes is easy. The more difficult part is balancing on them. However, that can be made easier with the understanding of how heels actually work. If you are not accustomed to wearing heels often, know that you will need to learn how to balance almost twice your body weight with every stride. Wider heels, or at least shoes that have a platform at the front to offset the sky high heels at the back, can help you balance better.

Break the shoes in:

Not enough emphasis can be put on how important it is to break in your high heel bridal shoes. You must practice walking in them after you have bought them. With time, and ample practice, you will feel comfortable in them and your steps will be more confident.

Just remember that large strides can throw off your center of gravity. Relax, take shorter, composed steps and you will rock those high heel bridal shoes beautifully.