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  • These Rare Glitter Wedding Pumps Are Perfect For The Sparkling Bride!

These Rare Glitter Wedding Pumps Are Perfect For The Sparkling Bride!

Glitter Wedding Pumps
Mar 10, 2021

These Rare Glitter Wedding Pumps Are Perfect For The Sparkling Bride!

You have looked up wedding pumps for brides and all you have found are boring pairs that have nothing of brilliance to complement your bridal look? On your big day, it’s time to bring the twinkle down to your toes and floor everyone with your glamorous radiance!

It is not in passing that the adage says, ‘give the woman the right shoes and she will conquer the world’. Avalia Shoes have just the perfect wedding pumps to let every bride capture everyone’s imagination. In particular, Avalia’s glitter pumps are a special class of wonder that will let your toes do the talking as you stride in style and confidence towards a brilliant new beginning!

Dazzling, daring and delightful—these closed toe shoes for wedding are unique in style and rocks a stylish look that is perfect to flatter a stunning bride! Forget jewellery, these shoes rock a statement look that can accessorize any bridal look with panache and elan. Glamorous, yet comfortable, they are the perfect pair that can ring out the starlet in you! And, if you are thinking glitter bridal pumps are a rare thing to find, then check out the handpicked collection that is sure to impress you!


Finding stunning bridal high heels may not be an uphill task, but laying your hands on a stylish one with a touch of glitter glamour may be one. Avalia’s Mary is a gorgeously daring pair that is meant to be the darling bride’s bestie! When you are a queen yourself, you need a showstopper to compliment your personality and looks, and our Mary has all of everything to fit the bill. With pretty glitter straps doing up her sleek satin overall look, Mary is a true stunner!


Looking for a pair with oomph, drama and brilliance that will perfectly complement your modish and sophisticated bridal look? Look no further than Avalia’s Wilma! A starlet in her own right, Wilma’s T-bar and ankle glitter straps adds the right amount of drama and style to channel confidence that best suits a modern bride!


Be the diva with Avalia’s Diva! When you plan to channel the traditional bridal look and are looking for a classic pair of pumps for your special day, don’t be dismayed if all you can find are the old-fashioned, boring pairs. Now find stylishly modern and elegant pumps with a touch of glitter brilliance to complement your bridal dress with our stellar Diva! Comfortable, stylish and glamorously graceful—Diva is perfect to channel a hassle-free style on your big day!