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  • From Cute Lace Bridal Shoes to Fun Sneakers - What’s Your Choice of Wedding Flats for Your Big Day?

From Cute Lace Bridal Shoes to Fun Sneakers - What’s Your Choice of Wedding Flats for Your Big Day?

Lace Bridal Shoes
Aug 17, 2020

From Cute Lace Bridal Shoes to Fun Sneakers - What’s Your Choice of Wedding Flats for Your Big Day?

Who doesn’t love a pair of high heels, especially when it is for a special occasion? We do get the point that they aren’t just flattering height-wise but are glamorous as well. However, we also understand that if you are not a seasoned heel wearer, suddenly choosing to wear skyscrapers on your wedding day may end up being a less than wise decision. Trust us, navigating the aisle, maneuvering through the crowd at cocktail hour and hitting the dance floor without breaking a sweat are tasks easier said than done. Wedding day is basically a whirlwind of events and spending more that fifteen-hours six inches above the ground can easily become a hazardous, blister-inducing trip in case you are not used to wearing heels on a daily basis.

That being said, have you taken a look at all the options for cute and sassy bridal flats available in the market today? Honestly, there are so many and we are head over heels (excuse the pun) to list some of the best ones for you to choose from for your big day. Whether you like traditional lace bridal shoes or want to slide on to the dance floor in unconventional (but comfortable) sneakers - we have just the right pair for you. Let’s take a look.


If you thought ballerinas are only for daily use, you couldn’t have been more mistaken. Nowadays, ballerinas are the most in-demand shoes when it comes to bridal flats. Heavily embellished with crystals, pearls, sequins and often with lace trims, ballerinas have become quite the statement pieces now, perfectly suited for bridal wardrobe. If you are fond of simpler styles, Romy might be up to your liking. She is classy, romantic with just a bit of glitter that brings the whole design together, nicely.


Flat sandals are practical and incredibly cute, especially if you are getting married in spring or summer and the outdoors are a big part of your ceremonies. Maybe your entire ceremony is taking place in a garden, a beach or at a barn. You don’t want to trudge through the mud, grass or sand in high heels. Pretty sandals like Nadia, Bibi, Bahia or Bonnie can be the perfect choice of footwear. The lace bridal shoes are our particular favorites.

Closed Toes:

Closed toe sandals/shoes, both heels and flats, are always popular with brides. Shoes like Sissi aren’t just comfortable, but style-wise, they are quite versatile as well. You can pair these shoes with a gorgeous wedding dress or with a jumpsuit; you can wear them to a bachelorette party or the ceremony itself - these numbers are guaranteed to keep you feeling and looking great at every occasion.


Bridal sneakers are for those cool brides who want to break free from conventional styles and find their own statement pieces. They are also for those brides who want to hit the dance floor in style and dance away into the night without an ounce of discomfort. Quite frankly, whether you are a bride or a bridesmaid or just somebody looking for some good shoes, you cannot pass up fun numbers like Emily, Zoey and Robin.

Now that you know that there are unending options available in the flat bridal shoes category, with each option being more striking than the other, how are you planning to stock your bridal collection? What matters is you can now feel comfortable while looking absolutely gorgeous in these lovely numbers. So, no more dealing with sore feet or twisted ankles, no more compromising style for comfort and vice versa. Be comfortable, be stylish and be confident. It’s you day - own it, love every moment of it!