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Bridal Sandal Shoes - Choose a Style For Each of Your Moods

Bridal sandal Shoes
Jul 16, 2020

Bridal Sandal Shoes - Choose a Style For Each of Your Moods

The options don’t stop at ‘many’ but go on to ‘endless’ when it’s bridal footwear that’s at the center of attention. From blingy stilettos to traditional pumps, cute ballerinas to comfy sandals, from pretty wedges to sassy sneakers - you chose what you like. Brides today have more options in footwear that they can possibly browse through. Thus, deciding on just one ‘perfect’ pair might seem a little overwhelming. What’s reassuring is that nobody said a bride has to get just one pair and you can get bridal sandal shoes for every one of your moods, to match with every attire.


If high heels are your favourites and you absolutely love pairing these awesome skyscrapers with your every outfit, you will be spoiled for choices about bridal sandal shoes. Classic numbers like Alba and Cindy are not just stunning to look at; they add an impressive amount of height to your silhouette enhancing the posture and grace significantly. However, note that it won't be wise to wear heels directly on your wedding day if you are not used to wearing them for long hours on a daily basis, or, at least, quite frequently.

Kitten heels:

Kitten heels are great, equally chic, alternatives to high heels. With heels that are not sky high but are within the more manageable height, these are perfect for brides who do want that extra height but not the added pain. These numbers are incredibly cute, just look at Grace! But more importantly they are chic, classy with a touch of vintage. Best of both worlds - style and comfort, right?


Platform heels or wedges are another great option for those brides who do want to add a bit of height to their ensemble but without adding high heels to the mix. Simple yet pretty numbers like Bahia, Bibi or Nadia can provide you with just that and be absolute headturners if you are having a summer wedding at a beach or a garden.


If you think flat wedding shoes are not as elegant as heels, you are in for a big surprise. From ballet pumps to flat peep toes, from slip-ons to flip-flops, there are a plethora of options in ballet flats - each one more impressive and cuter than the other. Take for example Romy or Sissi! They are perfect to be paired with dresses and pantsuits alike and most importantly, hardly any other shoe is more comfortable to dance the night away in.

Now that you have seen that there are ample options of bridal sandal shoes to choose from, do make some time in your busy schedule to try as many of them as you can. You never know, you might end up liking something that you wouldn’t normally consider as your style. Bridal footwear shopping might not be as high up your priority list as bridal dress shopping, but it should not come as an afterthought either.

Do shopping for your bridal sandal shoes early on so that you can wear them when you go for your final fitting of the wedding dress. It is important to prioritize comfort when you are buying a pair of shoes that you are going to be wearing for what’s likely to be one of the longest, not to forget most important, days of your life. Once you have bought the shoe, remember to break it in. Wearing it for the first time right on the wedding day is not advisable. Besides, you can try simple steps like taping your toes together, using shoe inserts, applying deodorant to prevent chafing and rubbing your foot on a tennis ball to reduce discomfort.