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5 Bridal Sandal Shoes That You Will Absolutely Adore

Bridal sandal Shoes
Jun 24, 2020

5 Bridal Sandal Shoes That You Will Absolutely Adore

"Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world."
- Said the wise Marilynn Monroe and we couldn’t agree more!

There is a popular belief that the right shoes take you to the right places While that is debatable, there is no denying that women and shoes have a deep connection that can be categorized as inexplicable at the very best. However, the pair that a woman is most particular and emotional about is her wedding shoes. Most ladies spend more time, money and thought on their bridal sandal shoes than any other footwear that they ever own and with good reason.

Your bridal sandal shoes are what you are going to walk down the aisle in, have the first dance in and get photographed in. If that wasn’t enough, like the wedding dress, bouquet and other wedding decoration, your wedding shoes are stars of the big day in their own right. They get photographed aplenty, sometimes with flowers, sometimes with the groom's shoes beside them. And you can’t say you don’t love a beautifully photographed pair of gorgeous bridal sandals.

So, now that you are ready to say ‘I do’ and have started shopping for wedding essentials, we have brought you a quick list of trendiest bridal sandals that you would adore. From traditional to modern, these are pieces that varied style choices of today’s brides. Let’s take a look at these beauties, then.

Elegant in high heels:

If you are fond of heels, you will love Alba and Cindy. They are not just skyscrapers built to wow but have been carefully designed to bring out the grace and poise that is so natural to you. While the former features a stiletto heel that is bound to impress a practiced heel-lover, the latter is eye-catching in its block heel. Both are bold, both are beautiful but in different ways. If you are not so much into high, heels, kitten-heeled numbers like Emma and Capri will surely catch your fancy. They are cute and charming, perfect to be paired with dresses and jumpsuits alike at a spring or summer wedding.

Comfort ensured:

In case, you are not used to running around in high heels everyday and are looking for all-day comfort over extra height, Bibi and Bonnie might just be what you need. With classic lacework on them, these flat bridal sandal shoes can ensure that you are comfortable throughout your special day, noo matter for how long you are on your feet. From a church event to beach wedding to a garden ceremony, from girls’ night out to rehearsal dinner to first dance, these shoes are perfect for every setting.

Unconventional but beautiful:

Now, not every bride has to wear gowns to their wedding, not every bride has to pair their wedding outfit with a pair of sandals. If you have an unconventional style sense and want to wear sneakers with your jumpsuit or skater dress, why not? If you want to break out your dance moves with your partner, go for Emily. It features a plain yet cute design with a bow on the rear cap. Cute, right?

The best part about buying bridal sandal shoes is that you don’t have to buy just one pair. You can go for as many as you want to go with each of the bridal outfits you have chosen. Sure, you want a very special pair to go with your stunning wedding dress but what about the occasions before and after the vow exchange ceremonies? From bachelorette parties to rehearsal dinners and from the first dance to the socializing with guests on the big day - there will be many instances when you will want to slip into something more comfortable than a pair of skyscraper heels or something a bit simpler than crystal-studded pumps. Choose a pair of cute flat sandals or cool and casual sneakers. Trust us, not only would your feet thank you, you guests will be impressed by your amazing fashion choices, as well. That’s a win-win situation, right?