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Got Too Many Questions About Bridal Sandals? Get Them Answered Here

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Jun 11, 2020

Got Too Many Questions About Bridal Sandals? Get Them Answered Here

Your wedding dress is the star of the show and you would probably need quite a bit of time to shop for it. What you shouldn’t forget is that finding the right pair of bridal sandals is equally important and you must keep some time in hand for it. Now, with unending options available in materials, styles, heel height, colours and embellishments - finding your ideal wedding footwear might seem difficult. Besides, as you proceed with footwear shopping, a few questions are bound to swirl in your mind. Don’t panic. Here are our answers to the most frequently-asked of those questions.

What is the one most important factor that I should consider while buying bridal sandals?

The answer is easy - comfort. No matter how much you value design and style, there is just no way you can compromise on comfort, rather you should not. Wedding days, as per brides, are easily one of the happiest and longest days of their lives. Wedding celebrations can stretch on well beyond fifteen hours and you will be on your feet for most of it. Think about it. Would you like to glide down the aisle, have your first dance or go around greeting guests - all the while being uncomfortable in your sandals? Not only will the discomfort show in your posture, body language, smile and be captured in photographs, you will most likely have sore feet the very next day. Choose wisely.

Should I choose my wedding sandals before or after my dress?

Ideally, you should buy the dress first. Its fabric, silhouette, hemline, hue, embellishments and details will guide you on your search for the right footwear that you can pair with it. But when you go for the fitting of your wedding dress, make sure you have your bridal shoes on, or at least a pair of shoes that is similar in heel height.This will help you to get the right length of the dress.

Do my bridal sandals have to be white?

Not at all! If you are planning to wear brightly colored bridal sandals as statement pieces, go for it. In fact, in the last few years, brightly coloured footwear and gowns have really made an impact in the bridal couture scene. Gone are the days when only white and ivory shades seemed pretty at weddings. Colours help to reflect your individual style sense and that’s what you must bank on for a stunning bridal ensemble.

What is the ideal heel height?

The ideal height depends on the bride. If you are used to wearing heels every day and are confident enough that you will be comfortable all-day long in skyscraping numbers, you can go for stunning designs like Avalia’s Alba and Ines. However, if you are more of flats girl on a daily basis, your wedding day isn’t the right day to experiment with high heels. You can instead go for gorgeous sandals like Bonnie and Nadia. Whether or not you are skilled in walking in heels, you can always try cute block heels like Capri - for a marvelous blend of ease of use, comfort and simple elegance.

Can I wear sneakers on my wedding day?

And we say, why not? Not every bride is fascinated by conventional designs. Having an offbeat sense of style is interesting and you can very well choose to make a style statement on your big day by moonwalking onto the dancefloor in some cool sneakers. Hey it’s your wedding, you get to celebrate it the way you want.

Is it important to consider the venue while buying wedding shoes?

It is definitely a good idea, along with considering the season. First of all your choice of footwear will depend on how much walking you will need to do at the venue on your wedding day. Also, whether the floor is of concrete, tiles, is a grass field or a sandy shore will decide how difficult or easy it would be to walk around in certain shoes. Then there is the question of formality of the occasion and the venue. It won’t be advisable to wear sneakers to a formal church wedding or stilettos to a laid-back beach wedding.

Do I need to break my shoes in before the wedding?

It is certainly helpful. You should buy your bridal sandals at least a few months before your wedding day. This is to give you ample time to break the shoes in. When you are purchasing them, ask the seller if you can return the sandals or at least get them replaced if you find them to be uncomfortable. In the months leading up to the wedding, try practicing walking in them to break them in, of course indoors and on a carpet. With ample practice, you will be more at ease and comfortable while walking down the aisle in those sandals.

What if I want to wear my bridal sandals again after the wedding?

That’s amazing! Truly speaking bridal footwear is a considerably substantial investment and the shoes are absolutely gorgeous. If you are comfortable in them and they look great on you, why not wear them to special occasions post wedding! In fact, many designers/sellers give you the option to have your bridal shoes dyed after the wedding so that they suit your everyday wardrobe better. You can explore that option as well.

With that being said, we would also like to point out that it is incredibly important to treat your feet as well. Yes, that’s right - your shoes are important but not more than your feet, so take care of the,. After all, a gorgeous pair of bridal sandals won’t look good if your feet aren’t soft and pretty as well. Schedule a pedicure appointment before your big day and slip into your sandals with neat cuticles, soft knuckles and glossy nails.