Frequently Asked Questions | Bianco Evento

We have answered some of the most frequently asked questions about Bianco Evento and how you can find our designs below. If we are missing something, or you would like us to add another section, please don't hesitate to email our team via Contact Form.
  • Where can I buy items from Bianco Evento?

    Bianco Evento only sells as a manufacturer and wholesaler to specialized boutiques around the world. Items cannot be sold to individuals. There are over 4500 bridal shops that include the Bianco Evento and Avalia Collection which can be found in our new online Store Locator. Please note, that not all of our partners are listed here and if you cannot find a retailer near you, please don't hesitate to contact us either online or via our social networks on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

  • Where can I find out the price of these?

    Unfortunately, as we do not sell directly to individuals, it is best to contact your nearest Bridal Shop for information regarding prices.

  • How can I share photos from my wedding day on your site or social media?

    We have recently launched the 'Real Brides' section of our website and would love to showcase your photos. Please follow the links on the homepage where you can upload images, or simply tag us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter - @BiancoEvento

  • How do I create my own wishlist?

    You can add any item to your wishlist as you browse through the website. You can then view this as a lookbook or gallery to show your nearest Bianco Evento retailer.

  • How will I know if my nearest Bridal Shop has the right dress in the right size?

    First, look through our store locator to find the nearest shop to you and then contact them directly. Some may not be listed here. If your nearest shop does not stock Bianco Evento dresses, accessories or shoes, don't worry. There is no minimum order and we have a short delivery time, so you can simply request this from your local shop without any difficulty. Please contact us if you would like help with this at any stage.

  • Where are the dresses and accessories made?

    All Bianco Evento wedding dresses, shoes and 90% of our accessories are made in the European Union.

  • Is it possible for me to request a Bianco Evento catalog?

    Our catalogs are sent to every authorized reseller. Items from our collection are also available under the collection menu item on our website. Please feel free to create your own lookbook or wishlist using the website to save your favorite looks.

  • Do you have a newsletter for brides? How can I register?

    Yes. Please subscribe using the following link and receive all of our latest information on the collection and latest bridal trends.

  • I have a problem with my dress, accessory or shoes. Who can I talk to?

    Please contact the place you purchased the items.

  • I would like to apply for a job at Bianco Evento. How can I do this?

    Please go to the Careers page on our website. This will provide all the information you need regarding applying for a job and show all of the positions available.

  • I own a wedding/bridal shop and would like to sell Bianco Evento products. How can I register?

    To register with us, please follow this link and fill out the online form. You will need to provide your company name, shipping and billing address and all of your contact details. Once this has been processed, a member of the Bianco Evento customer service team will get in contact via email or phone.

  • What sizes do you have? What colours do you use?

    Sizes and colours vary depending on the design of the dress or accessory. The exact measurements and descriptions of colour are listed with each item on the website.

  • Which accessories match with which dress?

    The bridal dresses, accessories and shoes are made using a variation of lace and fabric so they can be mix and matched across the whole collection. Each item has recommended items underneath on the website so you can see all possible combinations based on the same fabric and cut. If you would like some further advice, please contact your nearest bridal shop or visit our blog for tips.

  • What is the difference between soft and diamond veils?

    The soft veil has a finer tulle and shapes the head and shoulders perfectly. The diamond veil is a standard tulle with a tougher structure to provide more volume. Most veils are only offered in a tulle material so that the veil retains the desired shape.

  • When should I order my wedding dress or accessories?

    It is recommended that you order your wedding dress at least 6 months in advance of the wedding. During peak times for Bianco Evento, the delivery time can be up to a month, so please ensure there is enough time to receive all of your items.

  • Can I order Bianco Evento wedding dresses online?

    No, the online sale of wedding dresses is not available. If you've seen a Bianco Evento wedding dress on an online store, it could be counterfeit. To avoid misunderstanding, do not forget to check the Bianco Evento label at the time of purchase.