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From Embroidery to Disco: Take a look at the Latest Trends of Bridal Sandals

Apr 21, 2020

From Embroidery to Disco: Take a look at the Latest Trends of Bridal Sandals

Gone are the days when brides used to put style over comfort. It is the other way round now. Over the years, brides have understood that nothing can beat comfort when it comes to wedding day footwear. Face it, ladies! Wedding days tend to be quite long with lots of socializing, dancing and strolling around involved. It is better to ensure daylong comfort with a pair of eye-catching bridal sandal than to end up in considerable discomfort with pretty yet impractical shoes.

But whoever said that you have to compromise on style if you are choosing comfort? When it comes to bridal sandals the options are more than many. In fact, the range of variety is sometimes so wide that brides get confused about which style to pick. From stilettos to slip-ons and from flip-flops to flats, there is something to suit everyone’s style in this bridal section. So, what's in trend these days? Let's find out.

The charm of embellishments:

This year wedding shoe trends are a far cry from plain and simple. In fact, they are going to be all about the right amount of bling. Today's bride wants to shine from head to toe. So why would her shoes be boring? This year bridal sandal will have intricate detailing like embellished straps, glittering mesh, sequined soles and pearl trims. And these are just some of the styles that you will see.

Customised hand-embroidery on sandals:

While embroidery has always been very popular with bridal dresses and shoes this year is noticing a massive surge in its popularity. Embroidered lace and mesh are being used to make shoes for the big day but with a twist. This year's sandals are quirky, having all the little details that the bride likes embroidered on. These may include landmarks from her favourite places, names of her favourite dishes, lines from her favourite songs and more.

How about some disco detailing:

Ah, the disco theme! It has never really gone completely out of style and this year it has made a comeback in a big way especially for the quirkiest of brides. Platform heels and the shimmery embellishments that are taking over the bridal footwear market are really hard to miss. Brides who prefer to change into a more comfortable outfit after exchanging vows, for example - mix and match gowns and bridal jumpsuits before they take the dance floor by storm, are preferring these disco sandals over other shoes.

Remember ladies, it is not just your dress but also your shoes that will help you make a statement on your wedding day. So, start early, research the latest trends, go to different sellers, try on different styles and customise your footwear if you feel like it. Do not settle for a pair of bridal sandal that does not suit your personal style and definitely your sass.