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What Footwear Are You Choosing for Your Big Day: High Heels or Flat Bridal Shoes?

Flat bridal shoes
May 15, 2020

What Footwear Are You Choosing for Your Big Day: High Heels or Flat Bridal Shoes?

So, you are getting married? Congratulations are in order. You have booked the venue, finalized the flower decoration and ordered the cake. And you know exactly which bridal gown to rock on the big day. Now, it's time to talk about shoes.

Most brides have an idea about their wedding look and are fairly certain about what type of shoes that they want to pair with their gown on the wedding day. But there are many others who are still in the consideration phase. If you are one who is still sitting on the fence whether to buy wedding heels or invest in flat bridal shoes, following are a few factors for you to think about first.

If you are usually running around, going about your day in flats and boots, know that that is what you are most comfortable in. Wearing heels takes careful balancing and years of practice, to say the least. And if you don't have that, choosing heels for your wedding day might not be the wisest of ideas.

Weddings are usually long events; the day can stretch well beyond sixteen hours and the entire time you will need to walk and dance, practically gracefully glide, in your heels. If you are not sure about successfully acing that, go with flat bridal shoes.

You should consider the hem of your dress when choosing your bridal footwear. There are high chances of long wedding dresses, with trains, to usually get caught in heels. Flat bridal shoes are much safer options in that regard.

Many brides are hesitant to wear flats on their special day as they are apprehensive about facing criticism or ridicule about their choice from family and friends. However, once fashion or style choices are completely personal matters and should not be dependent or subject to others' opinion. Besides, it's your wedding - day that celebrates the bond between you and your partner. So, you choose what footwear you want to wear on that day, whether it's sky-high heels or flat bridal shoes.

Brides who prefer high heels always and have a stunning pair selected for their wedding day, often choose flat bridal shoes for the party that would be taking place after vow-exchange ceremony. This might be in accordance with the beautiful tea-length dress or skater dress or wedding jumpsuit that they are wearing for the reception party, after tying the knot in a gorgeous gown. Or it may simply be the conscious choice of slipping into something more comfortable as they go about greeting guests and taking to the dance floor.

One fact that is undeniable is that when you are talking about long hours at a stretch, comfort is of utmost importance - no matter it is about the dress or the shoes. And flat bridal shoes are definitely more comfortable than heels as they take off the extra strain from calves, knees and back that comes from wearing heels.