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Take Quick Look at the Do’s and Don’t to Choose the Right High Heel Bridal Shoes

Apr 8, 2020

Take Quick Look at the Do’s and Don’t to Choose the Right High Heel Bridal Shoes

Making a bridal look absolutely magical takes a lot of effort and a keen eye for detail. This is a fact that is undeniable. Everything from hairstyle to make-up, gown to accessory, veil to shoes - demand careful consideration so that the final overall look is rendered stunning - to say the least.

One of the most important elements in the bridal ensemble is the wedding shoes. Finding the perfect pair of high heel bridal shoes that will accentuate the beauty of your gown is of topmost priority. While for some brides, this task may feel like a long fashion quest taking up months, for others, it is all about landing the most comfortable pair of shoes they can find.

Now, no matter how important style is to you, you cannot undermine the importance of comfort given that you might have to wear the shoes for as long as a 16-hour long day. But does that mean you have to give up on style? Absolutely not. Take a look at a few quick tips to determine how you can easily find your perfect pair of high heel bridal shoes.

Do determine the bridal style you want to go with:

When you are already browsing stores for your wedding shopping, chances are that you have a ‘bridal look or style’ in mind. Finalize the theme of the day, the decorations and have a firm idea about the gown before you select your shoes. You shouldn’t end up choosing a modern silhouette for your gown and a vintage pair for shoes as both looked nice to you and you couldn’t decide between them.

Do consider your wedding venue:

Are you having a beach wedding or a garden wedding? Where is the reception going to be held? Do remember that wearing too high a heel can be disastrous if you have to walk for long hours on sand or wet grass. Looking graceful while walking down the aisle in high heels within a church is much easier in comparison.

Do select the dress first:

A lot would depend on the style of your wedding gown as it is the element that will define your entire look. Even if you find your ‘dream shoes’ first, don’t buy it before you’ve zeroed in on the dress. Your high heel bridal shoes need to match your gown in every way - color, style and embellishments.

Don’t undermine comfort:

As said earlier, comfort is of utmost importance when it is one of the biggest and longest days of your life that is in question. Remember that the higher the heel is, the more pressure you are going to feel on the ball of your foot. A wider heel can keep you standing and dancing without discomfort for much longer. And if you are not fond of heels, there are plenty of bridal flats and sneakers available too.

Don’t wear without trying first:

Don’t invest in high heel bridal shoes without trying them on first. After you have bought them don’t wear them directly on your wedding day. Try them again and again, of course on a clean, carpeted surface, to make the fit more comfortable before the big day.

In conclusion, it can be said that high heel bridal shoes need not strictly be a one-time investment. Re-wearability is a personal choice. The style of your bridal footwear would be heavily influenced by your choice of using the shoes for future occasions or not. Neither are you limited to just one pair of shoes for your special day. You can easily choose a high heel number for walking down the aisle and go for flats or kitten heels for the reception so that you can comfortably dance the night away.